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If you have not already added an Employee Leasing division to your company’s list of items of services and products, please allow me to introduce myself.joni-prose

My name is Joni Prose and I am one of the original PEO brokers in the nation-incorporating in 2001 in Southwest, Florida-the Napa Valley of PEO’s worldwide. At that particular time, there were only 2 other PEO brokering firms who were more search engine types than actual PEO brokering consultative firms. We work directly with the client and you to find them the best solution for their workman’s compensation coverage needs.

Our business model has always been the same since we opened our doors. We work 98% through brokers like you and only 2% comes through our website for our client base. The model has been looked at and honed each year which is why we feel we have a pretty healthy approach to our partnering relationships since we have never really deviated off that course or landscape in order to generate our revenue.

The way it works is that there is absolutely no training required when working with us. If you have PEO background, that is great and we are flexible as to how you want your proposals presented. We are also happy with completely handling the account from a contact name and phone number, sign up process to complete servicing and maintenance. We keep you copied on all activity and provide you our PEO commission reports from our PEO’s so you never have to wonder or worry if your commission is correctly distributed. We also have 2 backup systems each month to review the reports before they go out and of course back up to any other issue such as death of principal or any weather conditions to ensure our brokers get paid.

In 2013 on Friday the 13th Hurricane Charley tore through our county-my personal home and office was unlivable. Fortunately, I had made preparation to be up and running Monday morning and I really do not believe one broker knew I had experienced a hurricane 2 days before! I truly believe I was most likely one of the only businesses whose phones transferred to my new location immediately.

Another plus about our background is that we have never dabbled in other areas of expertise-like insurance or accounting. We feel a person sometimes becoming a Jack of all Trades only leads to a Master of None and that has always been our approach. If your client comes to us and wants to leave the PEO arena, we look in the file and recommend you to obtain what items they are looking for and again, we copy our brokers on ALL activity.

Please let me know if you would like a personalized in house approach to adding PEO services to your insurance agency with a trusted seasoned advisor and consultant. I am available to go over our commission pay out structure which I think you will find the best offered pay out from any standpoint in the market either in person or by telephone as we consider our partners lifetime and hope to hear from you soon !

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"I think the key to having a successful brokerage firm in this profession is the “line up” of products and services that a PEO brings to a table. It is important to myself and Employer’s Choice to keep in the loop as to which PEO’s to utilize in this ever changing market."


K. Ross

Advantage Payroll Solutions

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***The personal non-public information we collect about you has been derived from the information you have given us and any other documents that you may have provided for use in preparing your application(s) to submit to PEO(S). Personal information will never be disclosed or shared with anyone, except that which is already public or permitted by law. Should you close your account with us, or become an inactive client, we will continue to adhere to the policy regulations as written here. We are committed in retaining your confidence as your PEO brokerage firm and want to assure you that any information you have given us remains safe and confidential.

EMPLOYER’S CHOICE SOLUTIONS, INC., is a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) brokerage and marketing company whose primary and sole business activity is to bring company clients proposals from service providers for their consideration and evaluation.  ECS, Inc. is not in the direct business of owning a PEO and has no fiduciary interest in any particular PEO brought to client companies for their consideration.  ECS, Inc. is not selling, binding or covering claims in regard to workman’s compensation insurance, health insurance or any other type of products that our presented PEO companies offer to companies. ECS, Inc. holds itself harmless thereof in regard to payroll taxes, workman’s compensation insurance binding and claims, medical insurance, human resource products, present or future licensure compliances and pricing schematics.