PEO Services for Government Contractors

EMPLOYER'S CHOICE SOLUTIONS offers PEO services for government contractors and agencies, in addition to businesses in the private sector. We are a government registered contractor familiar with Federal Contracting procedures and all payroll requirements. Whether you are working on your first contract or a seasoned veteran, Employer's Choice can greatly assist you in the proposal process in regards to Multi-State, Fixed Price Solutions attached to Payroll, Workers Compensation Insurance, Benefits and Human Resource Issues..

Our participating PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations) have government compliance procedures in place and understand the specific needs of government and federal employers. Cost savings and the outsourcing effectiveness will allow you as the business owner to focus on supervision of the actual procured contract needs which could be the difference moving forward with new awards.


You are assigned one person one time in our office which allows you the comfort of knowing whom you will be working with contract after contract! If you are not successful then we are not either since we work entirely from commission only.


Employers Choice Solutions, Inc.

North American Industry Classification Codes (NAICS)
541214 - Payroll Services
561330 - Professional Employer Organizations
541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
541612 - Human Resources consulting Services
561320 - Temporary Help Services
561311 - Employment Placement Agencies
524298 - All Other Insurance Related Activities
524210 - Insurance Agencies and Brokerages

DUNNS 006944164

CCR Registered
ORCA Registered
WOSB (Women Owned Small Business) Certified

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Free Quote

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Free PEO and Employee Leasing Quotes - Call 941-627-0777 for a no obligation consultation.

If you are interested in receiving PEO quotes, the process can be not only time consuming, but costly as well. Since so many employee leasing companies present their proposals in completely different formats, it is up to you, the consumer, to decipher what is fact and what is fiction.

In your initial consultation, we determine what your price point is along with what services and product lines you are interested in. We do not blanket the universe with your personal information. You will not have to work with 3-5 different PEOs.

After your final pricing has come in, we go over the prices with you until you are 100% clear on what you are getting and how much it will cost. You are given up to date industry comparisons without hours of research involved. You stay with the same consultant throughout the process at your own pace and at your own convenience. Sometimes just keeping your status quo is the best solution for you and that is fine with us! You are not buying something new from us-we are privileged to work with you to compare shop. If you decide not to change what your current status is, you do not owe us anything!

After you come aboard with the selected PEO, we check your invoices and ensure your satisfaction on an on going basis.

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About Us

Employer’s Choice Solutions was established in 2000 in Port Charlotte, Florida as one of the first Professional Employer Organization (PEO) brokerage firms in the country. It was founded by Joni Prose, who has over 20 years’ experience dealing with Workers Compensation, Health Insurance, Payroll Processing, Health Benefits, and other services associated with Human Resources and PEOs.

"Being both professional and personable means a lot to our business model. Taking extra steps regarding respecting a business owner’s time and privacy is key in today’s day and age.

I saw a huge need in our industry to assist the business owner and I would almost go so far and say relieving the business owner of the decision process in comparing several collected quotes from various PEOs. Having several options available AND having a professional explain the differences in a fast and simplistic fashion seemed like the logical thing that needed to happen.

Creating an atmosphere which is time saving and enjoyable always was and still is the key goal with each and every one of our clients.” J. Prose, President

What we bring to the table …

imageUnlike other PEO brokerage firms, Employer’s Choice truly offers concierge-level service. We spend time with our key contacts to ascertain a goal in mind and put together a strategy plan for the best optimal outcome. By having a professional who is objective in the process, we can help you, our client, arrive at conclusions you may have not normally come to. In some cases, we are able to show you business models and proposals that have your Suta or Workman’s Compensation rates in place or show scenarios of picking up a PEO’s rates, for instance. Overall, we’re here to help you make the most-informed decisions on behalf of your business, including Worker’s Compensation, Payroll Administration, Health Benefits, Retirement Plans, and more.

We only release information to qualified PEO’s who would have our client’s best interest regarding our client’s price point and product line objectives. Again, in today’s day and age, privacy is key as to whom we release information to and we never release information to a PEO without first informing the client whom will be obtaining their information.

Sometimes a business owner likes to obtain quotes on their own and we welcome that approach if you’d like to retain some control as to whom you have in the mix.

When a price point or product point is arrived at and you're leaning towards a particular PEO, we can also assist and help regarding a PEO’s particular procedures and payment methods compared to other contenders in the mix.

We assist you in the sign-up process to achieve the least amount of disruption to the flow of your business. After the initial sign-up process is completed, we check in with you quarterly or as often as you would like to ensure you’re happy with your PEO.


Joni Prose

joniJoni Prose is owner and found of Employer’s Choice Solutions. She graduated with an AA Degree from Sante Fe Community College in Gainesville, FL, later transferring into University of Florida, majoring in business.

After college, she worked as a legal secretary for Olmsted, Schwarz, Kahle and Casanueva for 5 years.

Joni later co-owned and operated Pro-Glass and Mirror, Inc. for 15 years as a family owned business.

After mba selling her residential and commercial glass company through the E2 Visa program, she became involved with the PEO industry. First working at Nelco Companies in Bradenton, FL and then after 5 years, working at a larger PEO-NovaCare which later turned into HR Logic.

In 2001, she saw a need for the PEO industry to have a different innovative approach which made more sense for the business owner. In 2001, she incorporated and launched Employer’s Choice with the strategy to offer more than one PEO to a business owner for convenience.

To contact Joni: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 941-627-0777.

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Satisfied Clients

You are such a joy to work with and I know the importance of that having someone on my side with discernment, intelligence, capacity for genuine caring, being capable, accountable; not to mention working hard and always protecting the customer or potential customer.  This is so important and not often found in this industry or really any industry.  You have a gift with providing your customers with tremendous security and we sure have figured out what happens when you have the opposite of this and simply put-it is tragic at best.

K. Nealer

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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement ……and our commitment to it

***The personal non-public information we collect about you has been derived from the information you have given us and any other documents that you may have provided for use in preparing your application(s) to submit to PEO(S). Personal information will never be disclosed or shared with anyone, except that which is already public or permitted by law. Should you close your account with us, or become an inactive client, we will continue to adhere to the policy regulations as written here. We are committed in retaining your confidence as your PEO brokerage firm and want to assure you that any information you have given us remains safe and confidential.

EMPLOYER’S CHOICE SOLUTIONS, INC., is a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) brokerage and marketing company whose primary and sole business activity is to bring company clients proposals from service providers for their consideration and evaluation.  ECS, Inc. is not in the direct business of owning a PEO and has no fiduciary interest in any particular PEO brought to client companies for their consideration.  ECS, Inc. is not selling, binding or covering claims in regard to workman’s compensation insurance, health insurance or any other type of products that our presented PEO companies offer to companies. ECS, Inc. holds itself harmless thereof in regard to payroll taxes, workman’s compensation insurance binding and claims, medical insurance, human resource products, present or future licensure compliances and pricing schematics.